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Starting September 1, 2017 3 options for trading forex will be available.  

  The first is signals. Signals will be sent to subscribers with buy and sell signals which you must manually enter yourself. The signals are sent as actual trades are being made by the other 2 options. The cost of this is $25/ month due on the first of each month.  Simply send us an email @ asking to subscribe, and your payment at one of the options below.

Subscribe HERE.  You can also click HERE and open your free account in just 5 minutes!

  The second choice is your own private account. This account will be hooked to ATM autotrader and nothing will be required of you. For this a person will need their own account, verified and funded with minimum $500 and get a vps and have it hooked to ATM. The cost of this will be a one time setup fee of $150 and 20% of your net profits from the time you pay your subscription till the end of that calendar month. 

Subscribe HERE.  Also click HERE and open your free trading account in just 5 minutes!

  The third option is the fund. You can simply send money via Credit/debit card, PayPal, bank wire, or bitcoin to our firm. You will be credited the amount deposited and own a percentage of that entire account sum. Nothing more is required of you. You can withdraw money anytime, and can also deposit more money anytime in any amount over $25 USD. The cost of the fund is only 2% Managment fee, plus 5% of net profit each calendar month. 




To deposit money into the Easy Effort Forex Fund, you simply send us an email to and send your money through one of the choices below.








Credit/debit card:  email


Bank Wire:  Email


If you wish to open your own account, click HERE to get started in just 5 minutes!




  1. Andrew Liebfried says:

    Sounds great, want clarify plan 2 fee structure. Both are a one time cost?
    Plan 3 percent of participation is based on investment/ total fund?

    1. Kelly Alwood says:

      All 3 options are monthly.

  2. jLo says:

    Is a crypto-currency account required for this?
    How does one make withdrawals with Option3?
    Can I still follow the trades in real-time?

    1. Kelly Alwood says:

      No Crypto currency account is required. You simply email us to cash in your withdrawal amount and its wired to you. No, you cannot follow the trades real time at this point, however we are working on that now. But you will however see the fund performance and value posted on social media every day. Thank you for your questions.

  3. jLo says:

    (all the above questions refer to Option3)

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