Urban SERE
Urban SERE

Kelly Alwood offers a wide range of unique training modules.  Kelly has trained many US Special Operations personal, Police, SWAT, Security Contractors, and Civilians alike.

The absolute fastest way to shoot like and operator; this 30 day dry fire course Tier One warriors use Shoot Like a Pro Now!

Kelly’s courses are all unique in the industry, taught not like the others out there, and class subjects are different than the mainstream.  Bringing you the most practical skill sets and knowledge that you will need.  Specifically designed and taylored to your requirments.  SOF, swat, and civilians all have different needs and goals.  There missions and equipment are Not the same.  So why take a course that was never designed to help you do Your job?

From Survival, to Shooting, to Tracking, we have many courses that you have been looking for.



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Training “The Society” with Neil Strauss and Kevin Reeve in Las Vegas.

video HERE.

Current class descriptions, calendar and training at:   onpoint tactical kelly alwood

30-10 Pistol Training Program

These are trusted friends, brothers, and my tribe.  Train with them today, with complete confidence!

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Sayoc Tactical Group STG  STGMainLogo91




Master Chim   PressureToPower master chim kelly alwood








Harley Elmore of Warriors Way   harley elmore kelly alwood    

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