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ASP Handcuffs

asp handcuffs


I stopped by the ASP handcuff booth at Shot Show.  I wanted to check out their new line of cuffs, and look at other models I may not have had a chance to play with before.


I did have the opportunity to speak with and spend some time with the head of their training division and also and executive.  We had a good discussion on the cuffs, new and older models, and the pro’s and con’s (vulnerabilities) of the models.

They were polite and professional, and decided they wanted to work together to do some testing or R&D.


asp handcuff als


I did discover that the paws can be changed out in some of their models.  From single to double or triple, and they can even have a “training” paw put in.  I will have some of these shortly and will post more on these and make a video as well.


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Anti-kidnapping skills; Escaping restraints Tactics and Preparedness Magazine article





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2 Week Urban Escape and Evasion class in Los Angeles!

IMG_5436IMG_5443IMG_5444IMG_5548IMG_5519IMG_5518vehicle theftIMG_5495IMG_5499IMG_5500IMG_5489IMG_5490IMG_5491padlock shims canIMG_5479IMG_5480IMG_5481IMG_5482padlock shim IMG_5484Security at the hotel thought someone in our group may have attempted to open the conference room door without a key.  IMG_5469


Tons of kidnap escape training, with lots of inprovised and and SEREPICK tools.IMG_5470IMG_5471IMG_5472IMG_5473

Behavioral Programming taught to the students.  Whole day seminar.LogoKelly-Alwood-LOGO14

Hundreds of locks and cuffs.  IMG_5464

Lots of foreign locks and cuffs opened here!  IMG_5465IMG_5466IMG_5454

An intro to safe cracking taught here.  IMG_5437

Handcuff shimming.  IMG_5438IMG_5439IMG_5405IMG_5406IMG_5407IMG_5408IMG_5409IMG_5398 IMG_5399 IMG_5400 IMG_5401 IMG_5402 IMG_5403This is a closed course, going on now in LA.

Two full weeks of Covert Entry, Vehicle acquisition, improvised weapons, Escape from restraints, Behavioral Programming, IMG_5421 IMG_5422 IMG_5423 IMG_5424 IMG_5425 IMG_5426 IMG_5427and much more!


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Organic psychology; Our relationship ecosystem

Organic psychology, behavioral programmingBehavioral Programming is organic psychology.  Its an all natural, organic, green and healthy way to enter and code a persons brain for specific behavior and responses.  We look at our relationships with others as a complete ecosystem in itself.  Because Behavioral Programming works off of the two pillars, honesty and mutual benefit this makes the alterations that we are doing natural and easy.

Our lives are all intertwined with each others. Look at your relationships with others as its own ecosystem.  It can be fragile, complex, and requires appropriate action.  Its natural, and things will naturally happen.  Things really start to go off track when you introduce foreign chemicals into the ecosystem.  Foreign chemicals are things that will not naturally mix with our ecosystem.  Chemicals will unnaturally alter our ecosystem and the way it functions.  Chemicals in our relationships are things such as deceit, greed, and all other techniques and emotions that we use on people in our attempt to manipulate their behavior that is not organic.  Things that are organic work in harmony with our system and things flow with nature.  Many books have been written on how to manupulate and influence people by introducing “chemicals” into their relationship ecosystem.  Unnatural and unhealthy ways to forcing people to do what you want them to do.  This is not only unnecessary, but is harmful to our natural cycle of things.  Behavioral Programming works by coding the brain with natural and instinctive impulses and behavior.  It works from the most primal form so it is all natural and healthy for them and us.  As with anything we wish to accomplish, there are many ways to do it.  Usually you find that there is only one correct way to get it done.  Many other ways exist, but only one will be the best choice and produce the best outcome.  There are many ways to alter a persons behavior and responses, but what we do is natural, healthy and green.

Using other methods to manipulate others behavior is like dumping bleach and toxins into the river.  It will have unforeseen, and unnatural repercussions to that person and your relationship with them.

Keep your relationships natural and healthy.  You can get the results you want by going green. Other ways that do not work through natural and healthy methods will not acheive the long term success that you desire for both of you.  Foreign “chemicals” will be unpredictable outside of very specific circumstances.  Learn to code the brain naturally, and everyone involved will be happy and benefit.

Organic psychology is using the natural stream of information flow to program a person for a healthy response.

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All new courses coming out this year!

This year, Kelly will launch several new courses, some will involve teaming up with big tactical names (to be announced very soon).   New classes on personal saftey and security, small unit tactics, and others designed for Patriots of this country.

Kelly’s originals, and also guest instructor classes will be on the calendar soon.  A full description of these new courses are coming here soon.

As always, evolving and meeting the current demands and needs of the times.





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