SDC Surviving Deadly Contact course

Kelly-Alwood-LOGO14This was the latest course, last week Oct 2014 in St. George Utah with OnPoint Tactical.

Course: Surviving Deadly Contact

This class will be hands on training, force on force with paintballs, and live fire with pistol and carbine. Students will learn learn the rules of combat, shoot and move. Every game has rules and those who do not know the rules will definitely lose.

  • What is the most dangerous place in a room?
  • What is the order you engage your targets?
  • What are the levels of cover?
  • How do you handle multiple opponents?

If you don’t know the rules, you can’t win..(other than pure luck)…
This class focuses on real life threat scenarios: a shooting or robbery in Walmart, attempted carjacking, scuffle at the restaurant, muggings in the mall parking lot, home invasion.

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Photos courtesy of DonCarlos Wells


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