This entire section is devoted to Showing the average person how to grow their money.  What the wealthy do is make their money work, poor people work for their money.  I will teach you how to make your money work for you and produce income and growth with as little as $100!

Using many forms of investment vehicles, we will grow your money and make it start producing income for you.

My typical trading day:

Averaging over 3 trades per day, with over 90% of them being profit, with an average of over 20% per month Net growth in Forex alone.

Educating people full time and in real time with real trades every day on my Instagram @droneprecisionstrategies

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My story:

I’ve been trading since 1992.  Starting with stocks, then to day trading stocks, then after being sponcored and hired by an Investment company as a stock  broker I learned of every investment vehicle.  I was then mentored in more advanced trading to include Options, futures, and other derivatives by a recently retired Investment Banker from Merrill Lynch.  I then moved further into the industry with a Citi-Group financial services company where I expanded my education by obtaining my Insurance and Mortgage licenses.   I was a real estate investor, traded bonds, insurance products, pink sheet equities, and just about everything else that could be traded on a market.  Recently I have kept up with current trends and even trade Digital or Math money such as Bit Coin and Forex.

Now I help educate the average person on how to grow their wealth, and then how to make their wealth work to produce more wealth, freedom, residual income, and financial independence.  We do this by using many different tools, or financial vehicles, each one with its place in the strategy.  We show you how to start with as little as $100, grow it in one vehicle and then transfer it to another vehicle to take you to the next stage and so on; until you are where you want to be financially.

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