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Handgun penetration tests on cars

I did this test at a police range in Indiana.  We got a car, opened the doors, and shot through them.  On this test we used the FN 5.7×28 and the Glock 35 .40 calibers.

The first pictures here are of the 5.7 round.  The round was the American Eagle fmj.

car door shot Kelly Alwood IMG_4110

In both cases, and multiple angles shot, the rounds deflected slightly upwards.  The impact on the second door was higher than were the round struck the first door, even firing at a downward angle.  There is approximately a two foot gap between the doors.

These are the results for the .40 cal


car door shoot Kelly Alwood IMG_4112

This is the .40 cal shot through the trunk and went through the back seat, into the dash.  All the .40  rounds used were Gold Dot HP.


Trunk shoot Kelly Alwood




This last picture is the windshield.  We fired at a target in the drivers seat, and 12 feet in front of the front bumper, all through the back window.  All rounds went through the back window and the front windshield.  The rear window did not deflect rounds enough to miss the man size target in the drivers seat.  The windshield did not deflect the rounds enough to miss the human target 12 feet in front of the bumper.







windshield shot Kelly Alwood

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Behavioral Programming

Behavioral Programming Kelly AlwoodYears ago hackers tried to devise a system of tricking people into giving them information with the intention of hacking into their computers.  Recently pick up artists have developed a system of making themselves desirable to others.  Con men have used lies and phsycology for decades to deceivetheir victimsKelly Alwood.

Hackers devised “social engineering” to accomplish their goals.  Its basically a way to trick people into thinking you are someone that you are not, with the goal of giving them confidential information.  There isreally not much to this approach.  Pick up artists have actually done a lot of research and development on their tactics.  These tactics do work, but the scope of this approach is very limited, and with a narrowly difined goal.  Short term results (and relationships) are achieved with this tactic.  Con men simply use lies to get what they want.

Behavioral Programming is different.  It is a way to get people to change their behavior and interaction with you.  It is a way to make strong, lasting friendships, get warmer results from strangers, strengthen your current relationships and change everyone in your workplace.

This research was started years ago with the original intent of teaching US Special Operations Forces, Security Contractors and others in fields of high risk for being compromised and alone in a hostile land.  We needed a way for them to solicit help fast, and probably from indiginous persons.  Gaining the help from strangers could be the key to their survival.  The system must be effective and fast, and last.

Kevin Reeve and I started teaching this in our UrbanEscape and Evasion classes to US Special Operations personnel.  Kevin came up with the first set of rules, and we tested them out.  They worked beautifully.  As the program developed, I started to make notes of behavior modifiers that were consistent throughout our society.  My notes kept expanding until I had enough to actually fill a book.

I am currently working to finish the book.  The content is original and unique.  I have never seen these things printed before, or even spoken of at a seminar.  Thats why I am writing a book.  To share new information to help you make friends, change behavior, and get the results you want out of people.  The backdrop to all of these strategies is honesty and real intent.  You can make friends out of strangers, get the promotion, make lasting friendships just the way you are.  You dont have to be fake or pretent to be something your not to get the results you want.  You just need to know some do’s and dont’s, and know what makes people happy.

You will see some tips posted here, and the complete book will be out shortly.

Kelly Alwood’s Behavioral Programming is different.  Its the all natural approach to getting what you want.

Behavioral Programming

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John E. Greenidge

John Greenidge Alwood



John E. Greenidge

John became a certified trainer when he was 19 years old. Combining his knowledge from successfully coaching cheerleading and gymnastics, training and teaching martial arts, and participating in various sports, John has customized his training techniques to cater to the personal fitness training market. Aside from John’s proven success as a trainer and his unique training methods, his passion and sincerity of helping each client is the reason his popularity has continued to grow in the Chicago area.

He started on an acrobatic gymnastic team when he was about 13 years old and continued through college at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. His team performed throughout the U.S. as well as travelling outside of the country occasionally. Two out of the three years he competed he was national champion. He later went on to the Indiana Pacers and worked in Gaming Operations as a cheerleader and coordinator of half-time and other shows because of his experience. John then expanded his career in two separate sports. He coached apparatus as well as acrobatic gymnastics. He coached cheerleading for a number of years as well.

He has been training in many different styles of martial arts since he was about 12 years old. He holds 4 black belts: ATA Tae Kwon Do, KTA Tae Kwon Do, Shorei Gojo Ryu (2nd Degree), and Gojo Shorei Jitsu Ryu (4th Degree). He has combined his many styles of martial arts to help create a self protection program.  John educates people of all ages. He has taken his gymnastics experience to incorporate it with martial arts tricks training. John continues to train with various instructors in our area. He enjoys working with young martial artists whether it be in self defense, forms, sparring, or tricking.

He also works at a chiropractic office performing myo-fascia release, helping relieve clients with different types of pain  issues. He also shares with them various exercises they should be doing in order to relieve the pain, improve balance/stability, and strengthen the body.   Now he finds that he is working with more clients, including athletes, on strengthening joints and teaching them body mechanics in order for them to understand why they do what they do and how to alleviate the pain.