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Democrats are not Americans

constitution_quill_penThe American way is the way of our fore fathers.  A way of honor, hard work, accountability, morals, small government and religion.  Among many others.

Democrats today stands for the opposite of all of these.  Democrats today have no honor, no support of our troops or veterans or Constitution.  They do not believe in hard work.  They believe a real American should work hard and support them, through all of the tax payer funded welfare programs.  They do not believe anything is their fault.  The lazy and uneducated among them blame society for them not getting much out of life.  They will not accept the fact that they are lazy and that is why they dont come up on life.  The modern democrat has no morals.  In their minds, nothing is wrong, except having morals.  They despise  everything good in people.  They are for killing unborn babies, as though that is somehow morally superior  than Nazis killing newborn babies.  They are for legal drug use.  They stand for gay rights.  To the modern democrat a large, overbearing government that controls every aspect of your life is a good thing.  They dont believe in opportunity or freedom, they prefer large government instead.  They also make a stand against religion.  This is there way of making whatever they do ok.  If they can destroy religion, then who is to say that they are living wrong?

The modern democrat in the USA does not believe in our Constitution.  They hate it, and every right that comes with it.  They believe that the government should have all powers over the people.  They attack every amendment with vigor.

The modern democrat is all about inequality.  Its what they stand for.  For instance, they are all about the 1st amendment, freedom of speech, but only for them.  They continuously attack others freedom of speech.  They should be free to say Whatever they want about Whoever they want.  They can post gay posters up, or scientology bs on the walls.  But Christians for instance, are not allowed to have things in public.  They can spread hate with their music and tv shows, and speech, but you cannot use the word homo.  You can have gay pride parades and black pride day, but if you simply mention that you are proud to be white, you are a racist.  They talk of human rights, while they destroy jobs and employers and leave their own people in poverty and on welfare.  They talk of human rights while killing living children in the womb.  The talk of womens rights, while killing unborn women.

Democrats criticize every Christian thing in our lives, but you are a “hater” and “prejudice” if you criticize any of their twisted beliefs.  Democrats are the largest population of welfare recipients.  They have the highest unemployment.  The lowest education.  The most children.  The majority in prisons.  They are the do nothing people in our society.

The modern democrat party stands against everything this country was founded on.  Every principle we stand for.  They are the Opposite of American.

Being American has to do with who you are, not where you were hatched.

Real Americans stand up for our founding principles.

Art of Escape class

Kellys class anti kidnappingThis class was the invention of Kelly Alwood.  A fresh new course designed specifically for disaster survival in the USA.

Kelly flew out to San Francisco in Dec 2013 and met with TAD gear (Tripple Aught Design apparel) and Rift Recon.  TAD was launching there new CORE training program at their new SF location.  Kelly spoke with Brett (TAD owner) and Eric of Rift Recon about designing a new fresh class for the first class at launch.  Kelly designed a new course.  An urban bug/ survival course.  Kelly provided the IP (class content, PPT’s etc) and agreed to teach the first 2 classes himself.  Kelly did travel to SF and personally teach both classes.  One in January and one in February.  Kelly trained the Rift Recon crew how to set up the class and run it.

After returning home Kelly was informed by formal letter that Rift Recon would be teaching the class without Kelly’s consent or involvement or compensation.  Rift Recon also stated that they would continue to use the Art of Escape name as well.  Rift Recon did acknowledge that the IP (actual class content) did belong to Kelly.  The letter from Rift Recon stated that Rift Recon would not use any of the original content that Kelly provided.  However, Rift Recon is using the same course description as before.  Rift Recon is also not telling students that Kelly is no longer teaching the class and that the class in completely different than what was advertised and what they signed up for.

This is a public notice.  Kelly Alwood is NOT teaching the Art of Escape class.  The content of the class is stolen IP, or the course description is completely false.  Rift Recon did NOT pay for the IP content of this course.  Rift Recon recorded with audio and video my entire course.  They had the audio transcribed.  Rift Recon is still advertising this course as it was when Kelly taught the class.  Rift Recon is using audio and video from the classes Kelly taught for advertising the class.

Neither Kelly Alwood or TAD has any affiliation with Rift Recon at this point.  Both Kelly and TAD had made Rift Recon aware that the quality of service Rift Recon provided students was sub standard.  Set up and execution on the part of Rift Recon was not up to Kelly Alwood or TAD Gear standards.  Rift Recon was given specific details of preparations and arrangements to be made for Kelly to teach the class.  Most of which were not even attempted to be made.  Kelly and TAD informed Rift Recon that we could not attach our names to the classes if they did not fulfill their obligations to the students.

Rift Recons responce was to claim the class as their own, and to contact friends and instructors of Kelly Alwood to go out and teach Kelly’s class in SF without Kelly’s permission.  They were refused.  No indication is given as to who is actually teaching this class now.  Students signing up dont know who the instructor is, or what is actually in the class.  Rift Recon has left everything the same on their website to fool students into thinking Kelly was still teaching his class.  Kelly Alwood is not teaching the class, and the class is NOT what is in the description, as Rift Recon has stated that the class is mine and they wont teach the same thing.

Kelly Alwood and Kevin Reeve still teach the Urban Escape and Evasion class all over the country.  Sign up for one of those and get the real deal.

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Personel Security; How your hotel room gets broken into

How many times have you walked into your hotel room or office and said “something isnt right”?  You dont know what, but something is not like it was.  Well, your probably not crazy or imagining things.

A great blog post with pictures, video, and a complete description of how its done is found here:

It also explains a couple very quick ways to stop this attack.

Dont use Masterlock padlocks for security

This is a quick video of an 11 YO boy with no practice picking open a Masterlock padlock.


Dont trust your security to a Masterlock product.  Use a high quality, military grade + Commando padlock found here:

Urban Escape and Evasion class

This is a course that you will LOVE. Escape and Evasion class


Internet glory

I was recently in San Francisco to teach a class.  I got into a conversation with an IT guy.  The whole city of SF revolves around IT.  I made the statement that it is so crazy to me that   a person can be a billionaire by creating something virtual.  Look at the owner of Facebook.  This guy created a virtual reality.  It really doesnt exist.  You can’t buy a FB, or sell a FB, nor are you even able to see it without a screen.  It really doesnt exist.  You can’t loan your friend a FB, pick me up a FB at the store, or even eat a FB.  It really only exists on a screen when the power is on.

I mentioned to him about the young kid, (Facebook founder) showing up at the launch of his IPO in a black hoodie.  He said “so, he is worth billions now, and you are still working hard”.

When you compare that to the absolute essential things in our life such as food and protection, the result is a crazy imbalance.  Fireman, police, military, teachers, farmers, etc get paid crap.  The are some of the highest producing people in our society, yet they are not valued.  Things that really dont exist take priority over real life.  Our society would absolutely collapse over night without these type of key people and their daily efforts.  Yet no one cares and they are not compensated for their production.

Entertainment is where the money and respect is.  Our society puts all emphasis in this category.  Holiwood movies, porn, sports, social media, all receive the largest amount of our time and money.  With any common sense, we see that farmers, police, fire, military, teachers, doctors, and actual producers should be filthy rich.  As we literally cannot live without them.  But this country is far past making use of common sense.

If you look at where the future is going, its all in tech.  Kids are dreaming of making games and movies, and social media, they are no longer going to school to actual produce any of our societies needs.  So what happens 15 years from now when everyone is in tech and there are no people with any practical skills left?  We see this sort of thing in rich Middle East countries such as UAE.  The locals have all the money and run the show.  They actually produce nothing.  80% of their population is foreign workers.  Skilled craftsman are brought in to actually sustain their life every day.  The locals cannot cook, protect themselves, teach, remove garbage, type, or anything else of real value that you need every day of your life.

It seems we are going in the same direction.  To democrats, this is great.  Import more voters, and never actually have to work or produce for society.  They would love our country to be 80% non white, Christian, conservative here.  They are already importing voters (foreigners) for decades.  If you look at the actual skills or knowledge of the current democrats, you will see most have absolutely nothing to offer society here outside of computers/entertainment.  If the internet stopped working, no democrat could support themselves or sustain their own life.  They place all emphasis on destroying morals, and banishing production.

It seems the future is in the internet.  The days of actually producing life critical products and services is done.  The hard working honest man that produces needed goods and services for this country is destined to be poor.  Our society will continue to crush them.  The world is literally run from the internet, and those not basing their future on an internet income will most likely end up on the bottom.  At this point the system is too corrupt and weighted too heavily with socialists (democrats) here.  It will never go back to conservative control, or common sense.  Democrats breed at an extraordinary rate.  Because they are paid too.  The more children the bigger the check and benefits.  Real Americans (conservatives) believe in hard work and providing for their own.  They won’t have many children because they cannot support that many.  Every generation gets more unbalanced.  White, Christian, Conservatives will be the minority soon.  It is quite close now actually.  80% of Americas population lives in a major city.  Less than 20% of every major city is white.  Some cities, such as Detroit are over 90% non white.  But somehow they are still called the minority and given preferential status to white Americans.  Democrats have a term for all of these people.  They call them voters.  And they are breeding like crazy.  They are the majority.

Now this article is not about race, its about our society.  And our society is the democrat party, by sheer numbers.  You cant simply look at the last election statistics and see the percentage of this party or that party.  Because not everyone votes.  Look at the population numbers and see who is voting liberal.  Socialists (democrats) have taken over this country with sheer numbers.  They are the majority now.  Their priorities are internet based business.  So that is the future of income in this country.  The future business is based on the internet and computers.  Most conservatives live by the rules of hard work, production and ethics.  These have no place in the future businesses of this country.

The answer is, that if you want to be successful, and truly set your children up for success, put them into tech.  It is the future.  Hard work, manual labor, production, and common sense will get you and your family nowhere in this new America.  Conservatives are the minority, and that will never change back.  We must deal with reality.  The reality is that there is no future in producing a service or product that is essential.  The future and money is in the virtual world.

A real preparedness forum; Everything you want to know

This is a well organized, easy to use forum with tons of information.  Broken down into categories that are very easy to navigate.  Find whatever interests you in seconds, and then loads of pages pop up, with lots of pictures and videos on every subject.  The site is completely free, and not filled with paid ads like most sites.  Very knowledgeable people contribute to this forum.  Many high profile experts that you have seen on tv and magazines contribute to the forum.