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I am a product of my mentors.  Everything I am, and have done is because someone went before me and then brought me through.  Each great step I took in my career, there was strong support by my Brothers in front of me, and people behind the scenes.  I’ve  had the honor of serving in combat with some of Americas most elite warriors, the best men that we can throw in the game.  Most of these men will never be known or recognized by the public.  They are real American heroes, and by chance they took me under their wing, brought me into the fold, and mentored me.  I continued through the years to follow their great example, striving to be the best that I could be.  I wanted to contribute to the cause, as they had shown me through example.

Each day is a chance to make progress.  Each day we can get closer to our goals.  My accomplishments are because of the great men that led by example, and my support group behind me.  Post combat operations OCONUS, I now join other qualified men in the industry to do my part in making Americans safer, by providing education, training and consulting.  My experiences in real world operations have been unique to most others, providing me my niche market, and the opportunity to share a host of untraditional skill sets to those who need them.






November, 2010: Feature article in The Backwoodsman Magazine: Urban Survival

June, 2010: Wrote tracking article in The Backwoodsman Magazine.

April, 2010: Appeared on G4 TV.  Trained crew on Urban Evasion tactics and then hunted them down.

Escape & Evade Capture Training with Sara & Weston in High Definition – G4tv.com

OnPoint Tactical Training with Sara Underwood & Weston Scott – G4tv.com

January, 2010: Company appears on CNN for anti-kidnapping, escaping, and Urban Evasion.

2009: He was a Feature article in The Counter Terrorist Magazine for work in Iraq.

2009: Appeared on national news for Urban Escape and Evasion.  Instructor and hunter of the fugitives.

2009: Featured in NY Times BEST SELLING BOOK “EMERGENCY” by Neil Strauss

2009:  Appear on front page London newspaper Feature-Urban Escape and Evasion with Neil Straus

2008: Appear in “The Counter Terrorist” Magazine.  Feature-Urban Escape and Evasion

2010:  Training US Special Operations Forces for deployments overseas.  Training them in Urban escape and evasion tactics and techniques.  Training Law Enforcement agencies in carbine, blade, and escape from custody, and fugitive tracking.

2010:  Afghanistan:  Ran PSD operation traveling through Kabul and Jalalabad.  Head of security operations for  audit team moving around the country.

Has been a licensed Bail Enforcement Agent since 1994. Has over 300 felony arrests in the United States and Mexico. Has done work for the US Secret Service, and the FBI to track down some of Americas most wanted Felons.  Has appeared numerous times on 60 Minutes and Dateline for man hunting  skills. Was the top producing bounty hunter in the world for two years in a row  (1995-96).  Worked alone or with one partner.  Used dogs and tracking skills to hunt down fugitives.  Trained new Bail Enforcement Agents for NABEA.  Used physical tracking, computer and electronic devices, social engineering, and eyes on surveillance to track down and capture these fugitives.  Trained law enforcement agencies in fugitive tracking.

2008: Hurricane Ike: Worked security details for Armor Group.

2008: Hurricane Gustov:  Security details for Harborsite International. 

2003 & 2004:  IRAQ

Northern Operations:  Worked PSD detail protecting GeneralPetreaus during his movement around norther Iraq (Mosul AO).

Head of security for the ICE (Iraqi Currency Exchange) Program. Commanded a team of over 240 security personnel and 13 gun trucks.

Central Operations:  Trained new security forces and supervised the main checkpoint at Baghdad International Airport (BIAP CP1).

Worked with 5th Special Forces Group to find and capture weapons dealers in Baghdad.

Assisted surveillance operations for R.E.F. (5 SFG.

Operated with sniper teams of the 1 Cav. in Camp Victory. I operated with Naval Special Warfare units in Baghdad.  Participated in night time Marshal Law enforcement.

On the JP Rifles shooting team: http://www.jprifles.com/3.2.php

Internationally certified Black belt and Instructor. Certified Level III US Army Combatives instructor. Holds belts in Tae Kwon Do (moo duk kwan) and (moo sul doo), Hopkido, Aikido, Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, and Ishanru.

Won several IPSC pistol competitions. Competed and placed with sub-guns as well.

Recommended by Myke Hawke: http://www.mykelhawke.com/survival


Working knowledge (can read, write, and speak) English, Bahasa Malaysia, Russian, and Indonesian. Working on Arabic.

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